Academic Program Improvement

Western Governors University uses measures and other key components of the assessment system to continuously improve programs and university quality. WGU faculty and curriculum development managers, Assessment Council (recognized experts in the technical construction and appropriate uses of assessment instruments and uses of assessment data), Program Council members, and WGU assessment staff work together to monitor and update programs at both a micro and macro level. Assessment pass rates, student satisfaction data, and post-assessment feedback allow for continuous small scale improvements to assessment items, performance task instructions, courses of study and learning resources. The feedback from mentors and students, grounded in data from multiple sources, results in ongoing assessment and program revision at both a micro and macro level. On the macro level, programs follow a regular process for development and review that includes identification and review of standards and competencies, selection of learning resources, development of courses of study, and creation or revision of assessments. This cyclical, macro evaluation of programs is based on ongoing collection of data and analysis to inform decisions, especially key performance indicators.


Because our assessment system is comprehensive, critical issues and areas of improvement are indicated multiple times in multiple measures using well-defined processes. These multiple indicators provide us with the confidence and knowledge needed to make good decisions that result in stronger programs; that, in turn, enhances overall university quality.


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