Board of Trustees

WGU is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of educators, industry leaders, and state governors. In addition, WGU continues to draw support (although no state funding) from the governors of the member states that were instrumental in the founding of WGU. For a listing of our Board of Trustees and member states, see WGU’s Governance (opens new window).


National Advisory Board

The WGU National Advisory Board (NAB) consists of major corporations and private foundations that provide ongoing support and advice to the university. The WGU National Advisory Board (NAB) was created in order to enhance the implementation of the WGU mission and aid in the strategic planning process of WGU. The NAB serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees and consists of a diverse group of industry representatives, currently including the fields of technology, publishing, and consulting. The primary aim of the NAB is to foster a global and visionary perspective for WGU. For a current listing of NAB members, visit National Advisory Board (opens new window).

Academic Program Governance

Academic programs are developed and guided by WGU administrators working through several councils comprised of academicians and industry experts in the various fields of knowledge. Each WGU academic program has a program council which is the official faculty governing body for a degree or certification program. Program councils, along with the program coordinator, are responsible for overseeing the development of the curriculum (including performance descriptions, subdomains, and domains), overseeing all assessments, and updating the curriculum.  


For a listing of members of the academic program councils: Health Professions, Liberal Arts, Business Program, Information Technology and Education, visit Academic Program Governance (opens new window)In addition to program councils, an Assessment Council comprised of assessment experts is responsible for working with academic program councils, assessment development vendors, and WGU assessment staff to ensure that assessments developed are appropriate tests of the competencies identified by the program councils.





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