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WGU employs a disaggregated faculty model across the university. That is, the aggregated roles and tasks traditionally performed by university professors, such as meeting with and advising students, course or curriculum design, learning resource selection, instruction, and assessment, are effectively disaggregated or "unbundled” and distributed among several WGU faculty members. Consequently, the jobs of individual WGU faculty members focus on single aspects of the academic experience. Within WGU, there are several essential faculty roles and associated tasks: 


Program Mentors

The primary faculty support for each student is a personally assigned Program Mentor. The role of the Program Mentor is to provide continuous academic support throughout the program, from enrollment through graduation. Program Mentors provide personalized support to students, meeting with them regularly to help them intentionally plan each term to stay on pace for graduation. Program Mentors can also help students connect course competencies to their career goals and overall program.  


Course Instructors

Course Instructors are subject-matter experts who support students as they engage in specific sections of the WGU curriculum. Their experience and training is specific to the courses they support. Course Instructors work with students to design personalized course plans for the on-time completion of each course. They support students in the mastery of course content and help students prepare for assessments.  


Product Managers

Develop, manage, and provide ongoing evaluation of academic programs and curriculum.


Council Members

Provide academic expertise and industry experience.


Evaluation Faculty

Subject matter experts who review student performance assessment responses in a fair and unbiased manner to determine if competency has been demonstrated. Evaluators possess relevant professional and academic credentials appropriate to the particular course such as masters or doctorate level education plus work experience and additional industry certifications. Evaluation faculty (opens new window) undergo extensive training and calibration to provide a valid and reliable assessment of competency and to provide helpful, personalized feedback to support students in developing and demonstrating their competency. Evaluators may refer students to Course Instructors and appropriate learning resources (opens new window) to assist with developing competency. 


Clinical Supervisors & Host Teachers

Perform clinical observation and evaluation of candidates in Teachers College and Nursing programs.







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