Academic Activity Policy

As of December 1st, 2018, the following revised policy applies:


In addition to the requirements of the Academic Progress policy, students are expected to demonstrate consistent engagement with their studies throughout each academic term. Activities demonstrating academic engagement include, but are not limited to: 

  • Discussion of course content with a Course Instructor
  • Live academic conversation with a Program Mentor
  • Completing pre-assessments
  • Completing objective assessments
  • Submitting a performance assessment task for evaluation
  • Attending a faculty-led live event, such as a webinar
  • Use of course learning resources
  • Viewing recorded faculty-led live events
  • Viewing a course-related academic video

Students who are not academically engaged for a period of 14 days will be required to meet with their Program Mentor to develop a plan for the immediate resumption of their studies, to include reengagement with course learning resources and/or meeting with a Course Instructor. Students who demonstrate 28 days of inactivity will be subject to administrative withdrawal. An academically inactive student will be notified prior to withdrawal.


If you have questions regarding student policies, please contact:

Natalie Murray
Vice President, Student Experience





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