Communication Protocol

WGU programs are designed for regular interaction between a student and their Program Mentor throughout a term. Regular, course-focused communication with the Course Instructor throughout a course is also expected.



  • During the first term, a student meets with their Program Mentor by phone on a recurring basis to discuss program and course content, pacing, and other academic needs, with an overarching focus on developing consistent engagement with learning resources, Course Instructors, and assessments.
  • A student who demonstrates consistent engagement in the first term (by completing all enrolled CUs, or steady progress toward course completion through consistent learning resource and faculty interactions) will earn more flexibility in future communication with their Program Mentor. The frequency and format (e.g., email, chat, or other media) of these communications should be mutually agreed upon by the student and their Program Mentor and can be adjusted as needed to help the student maintain OTP and consistent academic activity.
  • Students who fail to demonstrate consistent engagement after the first term will collaborate with their Program Mentor to develop an individual plan designed to promote and sustain academic progress. Minimally, this plan will include recurring phone communication with the Program Mentor to develop study and time-management strategies and the identification of academic milestones and is expected to include one-to-one work with a Course Instructor for content mastery.


Students are entitled and encouraged to contact Program Mentors and Course Instructors as often as needed and can expect that any interaction with these faculty members will focus on mastery of course content, program content and academic progress. Students should also expect to be contacted by Program Mentors and Course Instructors to provide instruction, support and guidance throughout a term and course.


It is expected that students in their first term will meet with Program Mentors at least once a week. Students in their second term meet every other week, at a minimum.


If a student misses a scheduled call, the Program Mentor will immediately send an email to the student to reschedule the appointment. Students who fail to respond to this email or other outreach within 14 days of their last phone contact with Faculty will be required to meet with their Program Mentor to develop a plan for the immediate resumption of their studies, including Program Mentor interactions. A student who fails to respond to their Program Mentor within 20 days, or who repeatedly fails to observe the requirements of this policy, may be administratively withdrawn from the University. This policy applies with equal force to phone calls, messages and other contacts which require a student response made by a Program Mentor outside of a scheduled interaction, or by a Course Instructor.


If you have questions regarding student policies, please contact WGU Student Ombuds at 


Article Number: 20379, 1035