Degree Plan

The degree plan, accessed via the (opens new window) student portal, serves as a student's blueprint of program requirements (often called the standard path) and associated learning resources. The degree plan details all of a student's program requirements and allows students and Program Mentors to work together in planning the path to graduation. The degree plan displays the course details (including status, study plan, competencies covered, competency units, and assessment/preassessment information) and start and end dates. Students access learning resources and make requests to schedule objective assessments or begin performance assessments inside a course on their degree plan. See Assessment Scheduling and Rescheduling Information (opens new window).

The standard path through a student's degree plan may be adjusted by the student and Program Mentor to meet the student's individual needs during term enrollment. WGU starts a new term on the first day of every month of the year and the duration is six calendar months in length. Students may only be enrolled in a single term, but can re-enroll into a new term at the end of the six months. Term enrollment must take place within the first 10 days of the start of a new term. Students must be enrolled at least full time (12 competency units for undergraduate students and 8 for graduate students). Once term enrollment is complete courses may not be removed. Students, in consultation with their Program Mentor, may add additional courses to the term through the end of the fifth month of the term. Courses will not be added until students have completed the original enrolled courses and then courses may be added one at a time if time in the term allots. Because students must complete all courses for which they are enrolled, they should be sure they are prepared to take and pass all the courses for which they enroll. Students who enroll in a course and either do not attempt or fail the course, will receive a mark of Not Passed on their academic transcript. See Term Registration and Enrollment (opens new window)


Students who fail to establish term enrollment within the first 10 days of the new term or who cease all activity are deemed inactive and are administratively withdrawn (opens new window) from the University.




Article Number: 20392, 1048