Enrolling and Accessing a Learning Resource




Accessing Learning Resources

This article provides details on how to obtain the learning resources used throughout courses. Many learning resources at WGU are accessed by clicking the links right within the course itself. However, some still require a few steps to get enrolled or registered. It is important to review the introductory section when starting a course.



Single Sign-On or Automatically Enrolled Resources

These learning resources require that students be logged into their student portal. These resources are setup as links within students' courses, study materials, or assessments.



Manually Enrolled Resources

Some learning resources require students to enroll or follow registration steps. Students should follow the instructions within their courses in order to obtain these resources. For example, some courses will contain registration instructions right in the course itself, or instruct students to enroll by going to the Learning Resources tab (click the Sections button, then Enroll Now). Resources requested through the Learning Resources tab may require program mentor approval. 


Once registration is processed, students are sent a confirmation email with additional information and instructions about accessing learning resources. WGU shares essential contact information with its providers so they are able to send materials to students. The education provider may also contact students with instructions for getting started.


Students who have difficulties enrolling, obtaining learning resource materials from the provider, or getting started should contact Learning Resources at ext. 3124.



Academic Policies 

Students who enroll in a learning resource must adhere to academic calendars, deadlines, and consequences for dropping, adding, or withdrawing from a course as determined by the education provider. Important deadlines and information about the learning resource can be found in a student's Course of Study or in provider instructional emails.


Student Engagement Tracking

WGU does not transcript, track or provide students with credit or grades pertaining to courses offered by education providers, although some education providers provide students with engagement tracking capability. This can be used by students, program mentors and course instructors to determine academic preparation for assessment; and is not part of the student's WGU academic transcript. Only WGU assessment results are added to student academic records.



Requesting an Extension

Many learning resources have an expiration date. Students should make an effort to complete resources in a timely manner. Occasionally, unusual circumstances arise that make it difficult to do so. Such rare situations include health problems, divorce, employment difficulties, and death of a close family member. Sometimes arrangements can be made for an extension of access to learning resources. You or your program mentor can make this request by contacting Learning Resources at extension 3124 or learning@wgu.edu. Most single sign-on resources renew when clicking the link. Excessive extensions could require students to cover the cost of a resource.



Learning Resource Issues

WGU strives to make its learning resources as effective as possible. From time to time, however, problems arise. Contact our IT Help Desk if you have an issue with a learning resource. If they cannot assist, they will seek assistance from the Learning Resource Specialist Support team.



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