Library Services



Library Services

Students access the WGU Library through the Success Centers tab in the Student Portal.* The WGU Library is designed to help students perform research and to study for assignments. Through the Library, students can search for academic articles and texts, as well as request articles and books from outside WGU’s collections using the interlibrary loan service. The Library licenses several databases with many full text articles that students can email to themselves, save or print. Citations automatically generated by library databases should be checked against APA standards for accuracy. 


The WGU Library is available only to current WGU students, employees, and faculty. As a new student, you will gain access to the library after the first day of your first term. WGU graduates have continued access to many resources in the Alumni Library. 



Contacting the Librarian

Students can use the “Ask Us” tab in the library to contact the reference librarians by email, schedule a phone session with a librarian, or live chat using the Ask-A-Librarian service. This service is available to students 24 hours a day, and seven days a week, excluding most major holidays. Student can also attend live webinars which are listed on the “Ask Us” tab.



Library Tutorials and Training

WGU students receive initial training in library usage during the University’s introductory student orientation experience. They are expected to use library resources throughout their program of study in conjunction with both instructor-led and independent learning resources.


Students have continuous access to tutorials covering aspects of library services specific to the functionality of the WGU library site itself. Other tutorials are centered on WGU coursework and are tailored to the needs of WGU students. These tutorials are aimed at helping students acquire broader information literacy skills - including performing scholarly research, examining sources, and developing advanced search skills.




Mentors or instructors may place articles on reserve for students to review. Many mentors use the E-Reserves for required or recommended readings for assessment preparation. Materials available via E-Reserves are for individual student use only. Students E-reserve readings will either be directly in their course, or can be accessed using the e-reserves tab in the library site.


Students may request an interlibrary loan to have a book mailed directly to the them. WGU pays for the cost of shipping the book(s) to the student, which includes return postage. If the books are not returned by the specified date the student is responsible for unreturned book fees, and subject to a loss of lending privileges with our interlibrary loan service. This includes a $100.00-dollar processing fee in addition to the replacement cost of the book. Failure to pay fees associated with unreturned books results in an administrative hold being placed on the student’s transcript until the fees are paid or the book is returned, as permitted under applicable law. Interlibrary loan requests should be limited to materials needed for academic research. Requests for materials not needed to complete WGU coursework will be denied.

*Note: WGU alumni can access the Alumni Library at (opens new window).  



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