Satellite Internet Connection

WGU understands that in some cases satellite Internet is a student’s only option. Certain learning resources such as MyNursingLab and Soomo have experienced issues when being accessed from these types of Internet connections. There are instances where students are using providers such as Excede or DISH Network.
In order to assist students with this issue, WGU suggests and offers the following:

  • Purchase a VPN connection. This allows you to remotely access resources and work around satellite Internet conflicts. WGU does not endorse any specific VPN provider. Perform an Internet search for VPN service providers and setup this service in the way that works best for you. Please make sure to educate yourself about VPN connections if you have security concerns etc.
  • WGU will reimburse students for the cost of this services for up to 6 months, for up to $60 of service (1 term = $60).
  • If VPN service is required for more than 6 months, additional reimbursement requests will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis by Academic Services leadership.


If you have any questions about the above requirements, please contact the Service Desk.



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