Terms of Use for Learning and Assessment Materials

When you link from a WGU website to third-party content, sponsored social media forums, and other Internet-based services (“Services”), WGU will purchase a subscription granting you access to the Services. A subscription is a limited license allowing your individual use of the Services during your enrollment at WGU. You may not permit anyone else to use your identity to access the Services, nor can you share, sell or distribute copies of any material in any format (including printed eBooks), that you obtain via the Services. A subscription does not provide any rights of ownership and you understand accordingly that you may not copy, distribute, display or modify any aspect of the Services, or evade limitations on the amount of material you are allowed to receive, download, display, retain, copy, print, or purchase in printed format at special pricing. You are also prohibited from using the Services to invade the privacy of others, to harass or to commit any other violation of the WGU Code of Student Conduct (opens new window), to advertise, or to violate the intellectual property rights of WGU, its vendors or students. You acknowledge that any modifications that you may suggest to the Services will become the sole and exclusive property of the Service provider. WGU reserves the right to monitor your use of the Services, and may revoke or suspend your subscription for any violation of these rules according to the process set forth in the WGU Student Code of Conduct. Misuse of the Services may also subject you to serious legal penalties.


The Services are provided to you on an “as is” basis and WGU’s service providers do not make any guarantees or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, with respect to the content of the Services. Further, WGU’s service providers are not responsible for any content or information entered by other users. Any material or data obtained through your use of the Services is at your own discretion and risk, and you understand that you will be solely responsible for any resulting damage to your computer system or loss of data. WGU’s service providers will not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages, under any legal theory, whether or not such damages are foreseeable.


All assessment materials created by WGU, including assessment prompts, rubric aspects, scenarios, exam questions, exam answers, and preassessments are protected by United States Copyrights. You may not copy, distribute, display, or modify any aspect of a WGU assessment or preassessment.






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