Licensure Requirements for Admission to the Teachers College

For admissions purposes, a “licensed teacher” is defined as any teacher who ever completed an initial teacher preparation program (which included student teaching) or an Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL). This includes teachers whose license has expired.

1. Initial Teacher Preparation Programs are for prospective teachers who have never held a teaching license before.

2. Graduate Programs for Already Licensed Teachers are for teachers who already completed an initial teacher preparation program or ARL at any time, even if a student's license has expired. Students must submit a copy of their teaching license to enroll in these programs. Also, see the policy on second degree matriculation at WGU.

Note: If a student's license has expired, or if a student holds an initial license in a different state than where they are seeking an additional endorsement, then they are responsible to renew/obtain their initial license in their current state before they will be eligible to add an additional endorsement there.

Not all graduate programs lead to an additional endorsement. Students should check with their enrollment counselor for more information.

3. Temporary or Provisional License Holders:  Some states issue a temporary or provisional license before students complete a teacher preparation program or Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL). In general, if their temporary/provisional license did not require the completion of student teaching or an ARL, then students must enroll in an initial teacher preparation program.  

If a temporary/provisional license requires the completion of a teacher preparation program (with student teaching) or an Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL), students must enroll in a graduate program for already licensed teachers.  

Also, see the policy on second degree matriculation at WGU for further clarification on this policy. Students should consult with their enrollment counselor to determine which program is appropriate for them.

Admission to Advanced Programs in the Same Subject Area as the Initial License


Students may not apply for admission to any M.A. Mathematics, M.A. Science, or M.S. Special Education if they already hold a license in the same subject area. However, students certified in an area other than the endorsement offered by WGU’s program may enroll if completion of the program results in an additional endorsement. Students licensed by exam only, and who did not complete a major in the subject area of their desired program as a part of their undergraduate study, may be allowed to enroll in their desired program.



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