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Scheduling an Assessment

Rescheduling Assessments


Scheduling an Assessment

When a student is prepared to take an assessment, the student makes an assessment scheduling request through the course of study. To submit a scheduling request, the student clicks either the "Schedule Now” or "Request Approval" button for the assessment to be scheduled. Students need program mentor approval to schedule. Once approved, the student will then be asked for date(s) and time(s) they are available to sit for the exam. Once dates have been entered, students have the option of providing additional information in the referral notes section on the last screen of the referral. Students click Submit to complete the scheduling request process.
Date Requirements
Online Proctoring (OLP)

Through the use of OLP, students can schedule and complete objective assessments until the last day of the term. In order for the assessment to be recorded in the current term, students must successfully connect with a proctor before midnight Mountain Time on the last day of the term. Students can successfully connect with a proctor by clicking “Start Exam” in the Assessment Center during the scheduled exam time.


Students may also successfully connect to a proctor by clicking the “Take Now” option when it is available in the Assessment tab of the course of study.


Note: The “Take Now” option will not be available if all proctors are busy.


Students who are unable to connect with a proctor before midnight Mountain Time on the last day of their term will receive a Not Pass on their assessment for the term, even if the assessment receives a passing score.
Students are encouraged to schedule their assessments as soon as possible. Failure to schedule on time or the inability to find an available testing option will result in a Not Pass for the assessment. In addition, failure to schedule on time or the inability to find an available testing option will not result in an Incomplete Course extension for the course.
Third Party Exams

Students are responsible for understanding all scheduling and testing deadlines for third party exams. Students who need to take a third party exam are encouraged to work closely with their program mentors, and proactively schedule exams according to individual exam requirements. Depending on the exam requirements, students may need to schedule multiple weeks or months in advance.
Assessment Appointment Notification

Once an assessment schedule has been finalized, students will receive a schedule confirmation email from the Assessment Services department. This email will include the date, time, and location of the assessment appointment, as well as information on what materials can and cannot be taken into the assessment area, contact numbers in case of problems, required identification items, and other facts that the student will need to know. Upon arrival at their appointment, students should verify with the proctor that they will be taking the assessment they are expecting to take.
Assessment Delivery

Attempts: Students are permitted four attempts for each assessment requirement. A fifth or subsequent attempt on a single assessment must be approved by senior leadership in Mentoring. The student will be required to pay a $60 fee (or applicable fee for outside vendor assessments) for a third or subsequent attempt.
Retakes: Before a retake of any objective assessment can be approved, the student, program mentor and course instructor must engage in an intervening learning experience. In addition, students who do not pass their assessment on the first or second attempt will be required to wait a minimum of five days and receive approval from mentoring leadership before any subsequent assessment attempts can be scheduled. See Assessment Approval and Retake Policy.

Rescheduling Assessments

Online Proctoring: Students can reschedule by clicking the "Assessment Center"  button (next to the "Schedule Now" button) located within the Assessment tab in  the course of study. By selecting "Reschedule," students can pick a new date and time for their exam. Students have up to 24 hours following the scheduled time to request scheduling.
No Shows: A "No Show” will count as one of the two attempts for each assessment requirement covered by student tuition. Each No Show will be annotated on the student’s record 24 hours after the missed appointment. Once a No Show is entered into the student record, students will need to work with their program mentors to schedule another attempt.



For any further questions about your assessment experience, please reach out to Assessment Services.






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