Environmental Barriers

We here at WGU value our students’ safety and well-being. To that end, we have an initiative entitled “The Environmental Barrier Project.” The goal of this project is to monitor severe weather and other barriers to learning across the country, reaching out to students that may be in the affected areas.

Daily, we monitor severe weather alerts, watching for events such as flooding, earthquakes, fires, mass power outages, etc. We then pull a list of all students that are scheduled to take an assessment in that area and reach out to the student via phone or email to ensure that you are safe and/or able to keep your scheduled appointment. If you are affected by the barrier, we will ensure that we reschedule you without penalty for missing the scheduled assessment.

WGU is committed to ensuring the academic success, as well as the personal well-being of each of our students. If you feel that you have been impacted by an environmental barrier, please reach out to our Assessment Services team at 877-HELP-WGU option 2 when safely possible. We will research the matter and see if we can further assist you during your time of need.


 For further information specific to Hurricane Harvey please review the following document.

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