Natural Disasters and Major Events




As part of our student obsession, WGU greatly values our students’ safety and well-being. We understand that natural disasters and major events may impact your ability to be successful. We take a proactive approach to supporting our students, monitoring daily for severe weather barriers, fires, and other major events which may impact your studies.


While we do our best to reach out to students affected, you are your own best advocate. If you have been impacted by a natural disaster or major event, the following information should be helpful.


Next steps when experiencing a major event:


  1. Contact your program mentor. (If your mentor cannot be reached, please reach out to Student Services.
  2. Reschedule any currently scheduled assessments.
  3. Reach out to Student Services for additional support.


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Important Numbers

Important numbers, by department





Assessment Services

877-435-7948 # 2 


Student Services

877-435-7948 # 4


Financial Services

877-435-7948 #3



Contact your enrollment counselor directly. 



*Chat is found through the student portal on the bottom navigation bar.


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Major Event FAQ’s

Assessment Support

  • I need to take an online assessment, but do not have access to my webcam. What are my options?

We would be happy to rush a webcam to you if you are able to receive packages. If you are unable to receive packages, please email Assessment Services, or chat with us via your student portal.


  • I had an assessment scheduled, but was unable to take it. What should I do?

If it is within 24 hours of your scheduled assessment time, you may reschedule via your student portal. If outside the 24 hours, please email assessment services for assistance. Typically, missed appointments due to disasters or major national events will not count as an attempt.


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Financial Support 

Please reach out to financial services as soon as possible with financial concerns.


  • I have a payment due for tuition and am unable to make the payment due to the event.

WGU proactively notates impacted student accounts so each group is aware of the hardship. Financial services would be happy to assist you in determining which solution would best fit your needs.


  • Due to a major event, I am concerned about losing my financial aid because I did not meet On Time Progress (OTP) for this term.

WGU works with the Department of Education to provide options for students impacted by natural disasters. Please call Financial Services to explore options appropriate for your situation.


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Device Support 

  • I would like to continue to study, but do not have access to a computer in my current location. Can you help?

WGU has a limited supply of laptops available to loan students in need. Please connect with your mentor or Student Services


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Term Support 

  • My term is ending soon, and I am not sure I will be able to complete my assessment.

Connect with your program mentor directly to discuss our Incomplete Course Policy (opens new window).


  • My next term begins on (any date), and I am unsure I’ll be able to continue my studies on that date.

If this is not your first term, you may be eligible for a term break (opens new window). Term breaks may be requested through your student portal.


(If this is your first term, please reach out to your enrollment counselor for assistance)


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Clinical Rotation (Nursing) or Field Experience  (Teacher's College) Concerns

  • What do I do if I can't make it to my clinicals  because of the (natural disaster event)?

Please work with your mentor and reach out to the appropriate Field Experience team.


  • Nursing Clinicals: The WGU Prelicensure Nursing Program State Director of Nursing (SDON) takes into consideration local and regional adverse weather conditions and emergencies and decisions by local authorities and affiliating campuses when deciding whether to delay, dismiss or cancel a clinical lab or clinical intensive shifts. For additional information, visit WGU Prelicensure Nursing Inclement Weather Local Emergency (opens new window).



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Local Relief Agencies

  • What help is available if I am struggling to recover from the (natural disaster event) and need immediate help?

WGU is available to support you with your academic pathway during this difficult time (see financial service directions above). Should you need immediate support for safety or basic life needs, please reach out to your local disaster relief agencies. They are available to help you with urgent life needs as you recover from this event.



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