Scheduling WGU Required Praxis and State Certification Exams



The purpose of this article is to clarify the process for scheduling Praxis and state certification exams required by WGU for completion of a program. 



Praxis Core

Praxis Core exams must be paid for, scheduled, and taken through (opens new window). Praxis Core exams may not be scheduled through the WGU Assessment and Evaluation Support Team. See the Praxis Core explanation at WGU Basic Skills Requirement (opens new window).

Praxis Subject Exams Required by a WGU Program 

Several WGU academic programs require Praxis exams to fulfill program requirements. If a Praxis exam is listed as an objective exam on a student's degree plan, they may refer for the Praxis using the same referral process they do for other assessments, see Referral for Praxis Exams below. Students' mentors can advise them of referral deadlines. See Praxis Test Dates (opens new window). The Praxis exams are only offered at specified times.
Note: If a student's WGU program does not require the Praxis, they may not schedule it through the WGU Assessment and Evaluation Support Team. Students are responsible to register and pay fees for all external Praxis and state certification exams, unless the exam is specifically required to pass a WGU course on the Degree Plan. 
Once we receive a request, students then receive an email from Assessment Services (opens new window) with instructions on how to schedule their Praxis exam on the ETS website using a voucher. Students can then schedule themselves for the assessment that satisfies their course in the Degree Plan on a date/time and at a site that is convenient to them. After registering, students will receive an admission ticket from ETS that they need to print and take to the testing site on the day of testing. After registration is complete, students can print their admittance e-ticket in their Praxis account.
Note: Students must achieve WGU-required scores as well as scores that may be required by their particular state. WGU will only pay for two objective assessment attempts if students don’t pass the first attempt to WGU standards. If a student's score does not meet state requirements, but does meet WGU standards, WGU will not pay for further attempts.

Praxis and State Certification Exams Required for Licensure or Graduation But Not Required on the Degree Plan

The Assessment and Evaluation Support Team assists students in scheduling Praxis exams that are specifically required to pass the associated WGU course of study on the Degree Plan. Students are responsible for any other Praxis or state certification exams required according to state licensure and/or WGU program requirements not associated with a specific course of study. These additional exams and requirements are included in the student's Degree Plan, but are not administered or paid by WGU. These can be identified on the Degree Plan as a requirement with no associated competency units or assessment type. Students must register and pay for any additional exams through Educational Teaching Services (ETS) for Praxis exams or through their state if the state has its own exams.  WGU does not pay for or reimburse registration costs associated with any exams outside of WGU course assessment requirements.
Click here for Praxis registration (opens new window) information and an overview of Praxis program requirements (opens new window). Students should reference their state's Praxis requirements for more information about licensure requirements.

Referral for Praxis Exams

When students are ready to submit a referral for a Praxis assessment, they will to click the Schedule Now button on their degree plan and then click Submit. Further information concerning registration is emailed to the student.

Praxis paper-based assessments are "fixed date” assessments. This means Praxis determines when assessments will be offered with no leeway. Paper-based Praxis assessments have always been given on a Saturday in the past, but ETS is in the process of adding these exams as computer-based versions. Computer-based versions offer more variety on test dates, but are close to when Saturday paper-based exams are given. Available dates can be found on the Praxis website (opens new window).


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