Take a Break Feature for Proctored Online Assessments

Effective February 11, 2019, WGU students will enjoy the option to take a break during a WGU objective assessment. The proctor will review the new Take a Break feature during the exam preparation. There will be a 10-minute break allowed for each hour of the exam. The proctor will report any breaks longer than the allotted time to WGU. After your break you will only be able to answer questions you did not view prior to your break.


Take a Break Process

[Additional FAQs available here.]


Proctor Review of Student Request to Take a Break

When the student clicks the “Take a Break” button, the proctor will engage with the student in case they have questions about the break feature. After the student accepts the break rules in the popup box, a timer will appear on the screen to let the proctor know how long the student has been on break.


3-TaB Navigation Bar.pngScreenshot showing the location of the Take a Break button.


Student Confirmation of Take A Break Guidelines

When the student selects that they would like to take a break, the following dialogue will appear:


2-TaB Guidelines.jpgScreenshot showing the dialogue popup, and the location of the checkbox for accepting terms, in the bottom left corner.


Note: The student must select the checkbox, confirming that they have read the full list of the break guidelines in order to continue with the break.


Regulations regarding questions viewed prior to break

The navigation bar at the bottom of the test player gives a visual cue to students for the status of test questions.


Online Exam- Test Question Navigation Bar


Note: After returning from a break, students will not be able to modify questions they have previously viewed, whether completed or only viewed.


1a Take a Break button.pngScreenshot showing the question navigation section of the testing page.


  • Questions in dark blue have been seen and answered prior to the break.
  • Questions in light blue have not been seen by the student prior to the break.
  • Questions in yellow have been viewed but not answered prior to the break (“eye” symbol)
    • The “Take A Break” dialogue box will provide a list of these questions, so the student will know which exam items they cannot return to if they decide to take a break.
    • If the student has not answered the question they take a break on, it will also appear on the list of questions in the dialogue box, as viewed prior to the break.

Students will not be able to make any changes on the dark blue or yellow highlighted questions in the navigation bar once they return from a break. The student will only be able to complete the questions not seen prior to the break, upon their return to the exam. When returning from a break, students will not be able to modify the question they were on at the time of the break.


Proctor notification of a return from break

Upon returning from a break, the proctor will ask the student to pan their testing space with their webcam to ensure that they did not bring any unauthorized materials into the testing environment. In order to keep test questions secure, the student cannot change any questions that they have looked at or answered after coming back from the break.


Take a Break Video Resource

Here is a video showing how the process looks in the testing environment: Take A Break Video


Please contact Assessment Services if you have questions regarding the Take a Break feature for online assessments.


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