Third-Party Exam Procedures

Why does Western Governors University utilize Third-Party Exams?


Western Governors University (WGU) prides itself on including highly respected certifications within a number of programs. In order to support this standard of excellence for all students, WGU provides vouchers to cover exam cost.


What is a voucher and how do I use it?


A voucher is used to cover the cost of a certification exam. Vouchers will be included in an email and sent to the student’s WGU email account after they request scheduling. Many of these vouchers will be sent within 48 hours after the scheduling request has been submitted. If it has been over 48 hours, students are encouraged to contact Assessment Services for assistance. Depending on the third-party, the payment type the student receives may be slightly different. In some cases, the voucher may be a single use credit card number to use for payment. Otherwise, students will receive a code that can be applied during ‘checkout’ with the third-party. As the method of applying this payment can be different depending on the assessment, it is important to read the email that contains the voucher carefully. It is also recommended to not copy and paste the voucher code so there are not extra spaces. Please note that vouchers are case sensitive, and will not be accepted unless entered correctly.


International students will need to self-register and pay for third-party assessments. These students can submit a copy of payment or a receipt to Assessment Services for reimbursement. A reimbursement check will be available for the first and second attempts only.


What is the difference between testing with a third-party at a local testing center versus testing online?


Testing online allows for flexibility in time and location for students that have a variety of schedules. However, testing online does come with technology requirements, such as internet speed. Please refer to the handbook article for your exam to review the specific scheduling process and requirements that apply to the assessment.


Please note that while some of these vendors will offer online testing, as WGU uses a variety of 3rd party certifications, there are some that will require students to travel to approved testing centers. It is essential for students to research specific vendors that are in their program to have a reasonable understanding of potential travel requirements to these testing locations.





LPI Linux Essentials







EC Council





How can I best prepare for a third-party exam?


As students will be testing with a third-party, it is critical to recognize that this outside vendor may have different policies. Third-Party vendors will frequently have different policies for rescheduling and no shows. WGU abides by the third-party’s policies to maintain our partnerships with vendors.


What is the policy for third or subsequent attempts at third-party exams?


Before a voucher will be released for third or subsequent attempts, the student will need to pay the cost of the exam. Please refer to the WGU Assessment Policies article for more information.


How do I submit my score for a Third-Party Exam?


Scores for third-party assessments must be emailed to or faxed to 800-301-3869 including a copy of your score results sent to your Program Mentor. Scores for third-party assessments are expected to be returned to WGU within 45 days after receiving the voucher.



For any further questions about third-party assessments, please reach out to Assessment Services.



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