Third-Party Exam Scheduling Procedures

Students will be prompted (with appropriate delivery method options) to choose when submitting a third-party scheduling request.

Once students submit a request to take a third-party assessment, they will be emailed a voucher and instructions for registering for the exam within two business days. Students may register for any date and at any center convenient to them. Students should notify Assessment Services of the date, time, and proctor location to have the scheduled date and time reflect on their degree plan.

Any additional information that needs to be communicated to Assessment Services should be typed in the notes section of the referral.

Scores for third-party assessments should be emailed to or faxed to 800-301-3869. If a student requires a subsequent voucher due to not passing, they can request a new scheduling attempt once the original score is posted and the program mentor has approved the subsequent attempt. Once Assessment Services receives the request, the second voucher will be sent within two business days. This process also applies to third and subsequent attempts. 

For third or subsequent attempts, students are required to pay the third-party retake fee to receive a voucher. Once payment is confirmed, students receive a voucher within two business days.

International students need to self-register and pay for third-party assessments. Students can submit a copy of payment or a receipt to Assessment Services for reimbursement. Students receive a reimbursement check for the first and second attempts only. Receipts can be scanned and e-mailed to Assessment Services.



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