WGU Academic Authenticity Commitment

We currently have two systems that may be utilized to submit performance assessment for evaluation. You may experience one or both of the systems as we transition. For answers to submission questions identify the process you will use by looking at the screenshots below and choosing the appropriate link. Within your “Courses” tab in the student portal you will see one of the following views. Based on your view choose the appropriate submission information link.


Tasktream Submission Information (opens new window)

TS.pngImage showing Taskstream button on a performance assessment page.

Integrated Submission Information (opens new window)

 EMA.pngImage showing a View Task link in a performance assessment.








Additionally, visit Academic Authenticity Commitment for Integrated Submissions/Unicheck (opens new window) for information on the plagiarism software Unicheck. 


For questions regarding the access to performance assessments, please contact Assessment Services (opens new window) .



Important Update in Submitting Performance Assessments

Maintaining academic authenticity is crucial to Western Governors University's (WGU) mission to provide competency-based degrees credible to both academic institutions and employers. It is the responsibility of everyone in the WGU community, students and faculty alike. As a part of WGU’s ongoing commitment to academic authenticity and student success, there is an important change starting June 14, 2017, as students complete their performance assessments. With each submission for an assessment, students are required to acknowledge understanding of and agreement to the Academic Authenticity (opens new window) policies. The process is a quick but essential improvement to protect the integrity of our institution and students' degrees. 


What does this mean for students and how does it work?


Academic Authenticity Agreement Form

Step 1: When students have uploaded material and are ready to submit work, the Submit Work button is clicked. There is no change in this process.


image1.pngImage showing the location of the Submit Work button in a performance assessment.

Step 2: Once the Submit Work button is clicked, a confirmation and comment window opens. Students are reminded of the Originality report and are able to add any comments for the evaluator. In addition, the bottom section contains Academic Authenticity statements and a check box to acknowledge understanding and agreement to these policies.

 Picture1.pngImage showing the Academic Authenticity Statements and the check box to accept terms, in the pop-up that appears after Submit Work is clicked.Text for Academic Authenticity Student Agreement as shown in the above screen shot:


"The value of your WGU degree depends on the quality and integrity of our assessment. Please read the following statements and confirm your agreement:


  • You have read WGU's Academic Authenticity Policy and agree to abide by it.
  • You pledge that the work you are submitting is your original work, and that the percentage of material quoted or paraphrased from another source falls within the requirements provided for the task.
  • You assert that all written and other sources that you have quoted, paraphrased, or summarized have been properly cited.
  • You agree not to disclose details of WGU assessment content or identify your work to others as a response to a specific WGU assessment.
  • You understand that if you fail to abide by these policies, you are subject to the discipline procedure set forth in WGU's Code of Student Conduct.

 I confirm that all of these statements are true."


Step 3: If the check box is not selected, students see a notification reminding them to confirm the agreement.


Picture1.pngImage showing the notification message that appears when the Academic Authenticity acceptance checkbox is not clicked.

Step 4: Once the confirmation is marked, the work can be submitted. 


Picture1.pngImage showing the Academic Authenticity acknowledgement checkbox clicked, and the Submit Work button..

Step 5: After the Submit Work button is selected, confirmation of submission is provided.


Picture1.pngScreenshot showing the confirmation page that appears after the Submit Work button has been selected. The confirmation page provides a Print Confirmation button and a timestamp reflecting when the work was submitted.