Kansas CPA Requirements

To obtain CPA licensure, you must meet the three Es: Education, Experience, and Exam. Following are the specific requirements for examination and licensing in Kansas.


Note: Presently, the state board does not accept competency units or pass/fail grades, as is awarded by WGU, toward the degree or coursework requirements for CPA examination or licensure. All students must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) highlighting these details.



Education and Experience Requirements for CPA Examination and Licensure

  • Degree: Baccalaureate or higher degree from a college or university recognized by the board.
  • Accounting Coursework: 30 semester hours of accounting courses to include financial accounting, beyond introductory level managerial/cost accounting course, auditing with US GAAS coverage, income tax, and accounting information systems beyond an introductory computer course.
  • Business Coursework: 42 semester hours in business courses to include macro and micro economics, one upper division economics course, 6 semester hours of business law, college algebra beyond introductory course, statistics, computer systems/applications, marketing, production/operations research or quantitative applications and at least 11 semester hours in written and oral communication.
  • Ethics Coursework: Must pass AICPA Professional Ethics Exam for initial licensure.
  • Total Credit Hours: 150 semester hours
  • Experience Requirements for Licensure
    • Minimum Work Experience: At least one-year of full-time accounting experience.
  • Additional Exam Information
    • Prior to Sitting for the Uniform CPA Exam: Must complete the degree requirement and the accounting and business course requirements.
    • Application Documents: Application documents found on board website (opens new window).


Additional information can be found on the Kansas Board of Accountancy (opens new window) website.


Note: Completing a WGU degree program does not guarantee employment or licensure in any profession. Requirements for licensure in accounting vary from state to state. For example, some states require a background check that may disqualify you from obtaining a license if you have committed certain actions, crimes, or misdemeanors. Students should contact WGU Business Licensure at licensure@wgu.edu prior to contacting their State Board of Accountancy regarding education and experience requirements. The Licensure team is available to students and alumni for all accounting licensure questions and advisement. Although the Licensure team can provide initial guidance, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to continually check with the state licensing board where you intend to seek licensure to confirm all licensing requirements.




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