AP: Appeal Process After Not Completing Practicum in Scheduled Term

After receiving Field Placement office approval, you are expected to complete all practicum hours in the same term(s) in which you are registered for the practicum courses. You are not allowed to count any hours towards your practicum that are completed outside of the term, or until after you receive Field Placement approval.


If you believe you are eligible for accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 877-435-7948 Ext. 5922 or email at adasupport@wgu.edu for further assistance.


If you have extenuating circumstances and were unable to complete your practicum hours in the approved term(s), you are required to complete the following steps to submit an appeal:   

  1. Communicate with your program mentor, course instructor, and Teacher Success at teachersuccess@wgu.edu to submit the current progress on your log and a letter of appeal to explain why you were unable to complete your practicum in the approved term(s) and that you wish to continue into a future term.
  2. Teacher Success will send you, your program mentor, and your course instructor the appeal status via email within 15 business days.



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