AP: Appeal Process After Not Completing Practicum in Scheduled Term

The practicum experience is considered a high stakes assessment. You are expected to complete all coursework, practicum hours, and activities required during the term the practicum is registered. If you do not complete your practicum on your first attempt, you are required to submit an appeal for a second attempt.  

Second attempt appeal directions:  


  1. Speak with your mentor about appealing for a second attempt. You and your mentor may decide a term break is needed to gain approval.
  2. Send an email to teachersuccess@wgu.edu with the reasons you were unable to complete your practicum on your first attempt. Provide a description of the issues that led to the need for a second attempt.
  3. Provide specific evidence of the steps you have taken to improve in each of the problem areas.
  4. Address your plans to work with the same school(s) and CS or the need for new placements. If your appeal is approved for a second attempt, you will need to complete a new field application.
  5. Obtain three educational letters of reference from people who can vouch for your professional expertise and strengths. Invite your references to email the letters directly to WGU at teachersuccess@wgu.edu. The letters must include a telephone number for contacting the references. 

If additional information is required, the Teacher & Principal Success team will contact you accordingly.

The Teacher & Principal Success team will review your appeal and respond to you within 15 business days after all information is received. If your appeal is approved, you must meet all application and academic requirements for the practicum through Field Placement.  If you are approved to repeat the practicum, you will need to repeat all hours associated with your practicum. Previously logged hours may not be applied to the second practicum attempt unless you have appealed and can show extenuating circumstances. Any hours carried from a previous term must be continuous without a break.


Your appeal may be conditionally approved. This means you must meet additional conditions before you receive full approval which may include a phone or webcam interview. If your appeal is denied and you wish to appeal the denial or conditional approval, you may submit a written appeal to the Field Experience Manager at teachersuccess@wgu.edu.  


Note: Students may repeat the practicum only one time after a previous not pass on the degree plan. If the second practicum is not passed, you will be counseled out of your program.


If you believe you are eligible for accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 877-435-7948 Ext. 5922 or email at adasupport@wgu.edu for further assistance. 


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