AP: Behaviors That Can Result In Termination of the Practicum

The following behaviors are unacceptable during your practicum and may result in termination of the placement if the candidate:


  • Must be asked and reminded to prepare and submit lesson plans in a timely fashion for approval by the host teacher (HT) and/or clinical supervisor (CS).
  • Fails to show initiative, does not put forth effort to enrich classroom learning beyond regular textbook or workbook exercises, does not create candidate-prepared materials without prompting, and does not personalize instruction to enhance student learning.
  • Rejects or does not attend to suggestions and ideas for improvement from the CS or HT, makes excuses and is defensive about constructive feedback on their performance
  • Is not reliable and makes self-serving and unprofessional decisions.
  • Fails to create suitable rapport with students based on their developmental levels and/or needs.
  • Uses inappropriate classroom language that demeans students, ethnicities, or genders, or slanders a student’s or colleague’s personal character.
  • Fails to initiate and sustain appropriate professional and personal relationships with teachers, CS, administrators, school staff, parents, or other adults.
  • Violates the policies and requirements set forth in the WGU Student Handbook and in the Code (opens new window).
  • Fails to exhibit professionalism in appearance or behavior, has questionable hygiene and/or dress, or uses inappropriate or profane language.
  • Violates WGU and/or cooperating school policy on drugs and/or alcohol possession on school property or permits drug or alcohol use to affect their work capability in the school workplace.
  • Participates in inappropriate, unprofessional, or irresponsible exchanges using electronic communications or social media, including but not limited to email and software applications.