AP: Failure to Follow Standards of Professionalism

Poor performance or failure to follow standards of professionalism and the Code (opens new window) may result in intervention or disciplinary actions that could include termination of your practicum, removal from the program, or expulsion from the University. If concerns arise that you cannot resolve with your host teacher (HT) or your clinical supervisor (CS), you must contact your mentor and the Teacher & Principal Success team at teachersuccess@wgu.edu for support.


WGU reserves the right to terminate your practicum if WGU, the school, or the district determines that the candidate demonstrates unacceptable professional performance or conduct, or that the candidate is unable to sustain an adequate level of learning for the students in their classroom.


Your HT, school, or district reserve the right to terminate your placement at their discretion if they believe it is in the best interest of their students to do so. When WGU becomes aware of a problem, the Teacher & Principal Success team will contact you by phone and email to notify you of the issue. Depending on the severity of the problem and the desires of the HT and school principal, you may either be given the opportunity for immediate improvement or you may be withdrawn and ultimately fail your practicum. Refer to AP: Removal from the Practicum: Administrative Withdrawal (opens new window) for additional information.