AP: Placement Restrictions

The following placement restrictions apply to WGU Advanced Program practicums:


International practicum placements are not allowed. This also means no practicum placements allowed in US Department of Defense (DOD) (opens new window) schools located overseas.


Master of Arts, Math Education (MAME) and Masters of Arts, Science Education (MASE) students may complete their Teacher Work Sample (TWS) at DOD schools overseas only if these conditions both apply:


  1. Students must have existing military base access.* Typically, these are active duty military personnel (or spouse/relative of such), current DOD employees, or retired military personnel.
  2. Students must be able to set up their own placement. Field Placement cannot assist them.


*Military base access cannot be granted nor arranged by WGU. If MAME/MASE students are unable to get on or off the base because they do not already have military base access, they may not complete their practicums overseas.  


Note: Because WGU does not allow international placements, please note that non-DOD international schools overseas are not allowed as an alternative for MAME and MASE students.


Your placement must be at the appropriate level in an accredited U.S. school that meets WGU and state licensure requirements. Different states and different WGU programs have specific placement requirements.  Placements must be in a traditional, on ground setting (residential treatment facilities, prisons, home schools or virtual placements do not meet this requirement). WGU does not allow field placements to be waived or shortened regardless of an advanced program candidate's previous experience. 


In accordance with WGU policy, you may not complete your practicum in the same classroom or at the same grade level as your child or any other relative. In addition, neither your host teacher nor clinical supervisor may be related to you.