AP: Professional Behaviors & Expectations

During your practicum, you are expected to follow the principles, standards, and rules regarding proficiencies, dispositions, and professional practice described in the Code (opens new window). The following is a list of the kinds of considerations you should think about as you enter your assigned school(s). Always consult with your school for its specific policies or if you have questions:


  • If required, get your lesson plans approved well in advance in order to leave time to make any suggested revisions.
  • Be completely prepared for your assignment.
  • Demonstrate attentiveness and an eagerness to learn.
  • Observe the standards of dress appropriate to the teaching profession and required by school and district policy. For example, jeans, t-shirts, and shorts are NOT acceptable classroom attire. Please check with your assigned school, mentor, or clinical supervisor (CS) if you have any questions regarding appropriate and professional dress and grooming.
  • Keep all your appointments! If an emergency arises and you must adjust your plans, notify the school at the earliest convenience.
  • Be on time.
  • Check in and out at the office every time you visit the school.
  • Wear any required identification in plain sight at all times.
  • Use professional and respectful language in and out of the classroom with everyone - adults and students alike (no profanity or overly casual language).
  • Have students call you by your last name with the appropriate form of address (Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr., etc.).
  • Never provide transportation for any student.
  • Never be alone with a student.
  • Ask questions when in doubt - it is better to appear inexperienced than to make incorrect assumptions.
  • Be aware that all school personnel are busy people and do not impose on their time with unnecessary conversation.
  • Spend all your time in school engaged in appropriate professional/educational activities.
  • Turn off your cell phone (or set to vibrate) while school is in session. Do not make or accept personal calls during the school day.
  • Thank your host teacher (HT) and the office personnel each time you visit the school.