AP: Removal from the Practicum: Administrative Withdrawal

The principal, district superintendent, or WGU has the right to terminate your placement immediately, without notice, if your actions are judged harmful or detrimental to the welfare or educational experiences of students and/or school personnel. Grounds for this type of immediate termination include unprofessional behavior, continuous ineffective teaching, violation of school policy, or unethical conduct. If this is the case, you may not be given the opportunity to attempt improvement. If you are administratively withdrawn, you will be removed from your practicum immediately.


After such administrative action, a teacher and principal success coordinator will contact the principal and other involved parties to become informed of the situation. A teacher & principal success coordinator will explain to you by phone and email the reasons for your removal and you will have an opportunity to respond to WGU regarding the reasons for your removal. If WGU, the local school/ district administration, or other supervisory personnel withdraw you for dispositional and/or performance concerns, you may also be recommended for removal from your program, the Teachers College, or the University via a Level 3 Warning.



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