AP: Removal or Withdrawal from the Practicum

Failure to complete your practicum successfully, once started, may have serious consequences. Possible consequences include dismissal from your licensure/endorsement program, dismissal from the Teachers College, and/or dismissal from the University.


Four types of actions result in being removed or withdrawn from the practicum: (1) Removal from the Practicum: After Intervention; (2) Removal from the Practicum: Administrative Withdrawal, (3) Self–Withdrawal: Not Approved and (4) Withdrawal: Approved. Removal or withdrawal from the practicum, for any of these four types of actions, dictates how the WGU Student Records Department will process the practicum’s observation and evaluation assessments. There are two ways WGU Student Records will process the removal or withdrawal:


  1. If the removal or withdrawal from the practicum is a result of Self-Withdrawal (other than Withdrawal Approved), or Removal from the practicum: After Intervention or Administrative Withdrawal due to competency or disposition, a grade of Not Passed (opens new window) will be applied to the observation and evaluation assessments, whether or not they are accepted in the current term.
  2. If the removal or withdrawal from the practicum is a result of Withdrawal Approved due to circumstances beyond the candidate’s control (e.g. background check not cleared, national disaster, major weather related event, or emergency health issues or family emergency), a mark of Withdrawn will be applied to all observation assessments in the current term.

If you fail or are withdrawn from more than two attempts at the practicum, you will not have the opportunity to repeat the practicum a third time. You must transfer to a non-licensure program or withdraw from the university.


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