Advanced Programs (AP) Clinical Supervisor Responsibilities

A clinical supervisor (CS) is an experienced educator who acts as an adviser, observer, and assessor during WGU practicum experiences (for Educational Leadership candidates, the supervising administrator is referred to as the clinical supervisor). You play a crucial role in the guidance and education of a practicum candidate during this time period.  

The clinical supervisor has the following responsibilities:


  1. Visit the Clinical Supervisor Support Site (opens new window) to gain access to worksheet copies of the observation and evaluation forms and access important support materials, click on the Advanced Programs tab (opens new window).
  2. Act as a WGU representative and stay in contact with WGU Teacher & Principal Success team, if needed, regarding the candidate’s progress at or 866-889-0132, option 4.
  3. Be familiar with the observation and evaluation forms, the links to which are found in an email from entitled WGU IMPORTANT! Please Save: Form Links Specifically for <<CANDIDATE’S NAME>>.
  4. Meet with your WGU candidate face-to-face, in a public place (preferably the school), or by phone to discuss expectations before the practicum begins.
  5. Introduce yourself to the principal (and the ELL or MSSP host teacher if applicable), either in person, over the phone, or via email prior to the first observation.
  6. Maintain communication with your WGU practicum candidate (and the ELL or MSSP host teacher, if applicable) throughout the practicum.
  7. Conduct the required observations/evaluations on separate days. Each visit must last a minimum of 45 minutes and typically no longer than two hours.
  8. Touch base briefly with the principal (and the ELL or MSSP host teacher if applicable) each time you visit to discuss progress and facilitate communication. Notify the Teacher & Principal Success team of concerns: or 866-889-0132, option 4.
  9. Hold pre and post observation meetings with your WGU candidate. Pre-observation may be done over the phone or email. Post meetings must be held within 48 hours of the observation in person, preferably right after the observation.
  10. Submit observation and evaluation forms online within three business days of the observation or evaluation.
  11. Complete the CS feedback survey you will receive after your candidate completes the practicum.
  12. Demonstrate and model the same dispositions and ethical considerations expected of WGU advanced program candidates:
  • Caring and considerate
  • Affirming of diversity and cross-culturally competent
  • Reflective practitioner
  • Equitable and fair
  • Committed to the belief that all students can learn
  • Collaborative
  • Technologically proficient
  • Professional leadership



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