Appeal to Repeat DT After Failing

If you fail a demonstration teaching (DT) cohort due to poor performance and do not have any outstanding disposition concerns, you may work with your mentor to appeal for reinstatement to a future cohort within 12 months by submitting a written request to the Teacher Success team at Prior to submitting the appeal, contact the Teacher Success team at to ask for information about steps you should take to improve. A specific plan will be designed based on the reasons you were removed from the original cohort.


Submit a written request to the Teacher Success team at and include the following information:


  1. Enter “Appeal to Repeat DT <<Your Name>>” in the email subject line.
  2. Enter your name, student ID number, state of residence, program of study, and program mentor name in the first line of the email.
  3. Provide a description of the issues that led to your removal from the cohort.
  4. Provide specific evidence that you have taken steps to improve in each of the areas of concern.

Answer the following questions in your appeal:

  • What problems did you experience?
  • What circumstances led to the problems you experienced?
  • How did you attempt to address the problems?
  • What will you do in the future to avoid similar problems?
  • What have you learned from your experience?
  1. Obtain three recent educational letters of reference (no more than one year old) from people who can vouch for your professional expertise and strengths. Instruct your references to email the letters directly to WGU at The letters must include a telephone number and email address for contacting the references.

If additional information is required, the Teacher Success team will contact you accordingly.


The Teacher Success team will review your appeal and respond to you within 15 business days after all information is received. Please note the appeal through TS approves (or denies) you the opportunity to participate in a DT cohort again.


If your appeal is approved, you must apply for a cohort through Field Placement during the next available application window and meet all application and academic requirements for DT. You will not be eligible for an upcoming cohort if you have missed application deadlines or have been withdrawn from WGU for more than a year. You must also repeat, and fully participate in, all aspects of the cohort seminar, even if it was previously passed.


Your appeal may be conditionally approved.  This means you must meet additional conditions before you receive full approval which may include a phone or webcam interview.


If your appeal is denied and you wish to appeal the denial, you may submit a written appeal to the Teacher Success Manager at


Note: Students may repeat DT only one time after a previous fail. If the second DT is failed, you will be counseled out of your program into a non-licensure program. 


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