Application Requirements for DT: Full Acceptance

To gain full acceptance to the cohort and be eligible to participate in demonstration teaching (DT) you must meet all cohort deadlines and requirements which includes a recommendation from your mentor. See Mentor Evaluation of Professional Behaviors and Dispositions (opens new window) for more information. If your mentor does not recommend you, you may not continue with the DT application process, and you will be counseled on your options which may include a program change into an appropriate non-licensure program. If you wish to appeal the mentor recommendation, you may submit a written appeal to


Read the Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching (opens new window). You are responsible for meeting each requirement by the published deadline.


You must complete the following requirements to receive Full Acceptance to a cohort:


  • Have a positive evaluation and recommendation for DT (opens new window) from your mentor on file.
  • Have a current, cleared background check on file with WGU Field Placement for the state in which you will complete demonstration teaching. If you are licensing via the reciprocity pathway, you must have also ordered a Utah background check. Upload cleared background clearance(s) (opens new window) to the Background Clearance section on your Field Experience Page.
  • Upload proof of current professional educator’s liability insurance coverage that is valid through the end of DT to your Field Experience page.
  • Have zero CUs remaining.
  • Complete a DT Final Call with your placement coordinator.
  • Provide proof that you attempted all the following categories of exams prior to DT (This does not apply to BAMA students who must pass the content exam and achieve 0 CUs, which will be reflected on the degree plan):


Please consult the Licensure Handbook (opens new window)for the content exams you are required to attempt. While you only need to attempt content exams to be eligible for Demonstration Teaching, you must pass all required content exams to be eligible for graduation from your program.

  • Submit your official score reports whether passed or not passed to
  • The State-Specific Requirements table below provides states that have exceptions to the exam attempt policy.

State-Specific Requirements – Exams Required Prior to DT



California (opens new window)

Students enrolled in a CTC-approved initial teacher preparation program are required to pass the appropriate CSET exams prior to demonstration teaching.

West Virginia (opens new window)

Students completing demonstration teaching in West Virginia are required to pass basic skills and content exams before applying for the Clinical Experience Permit. This permit is a prerequisite for demonstration teaching eligibility in West Virginia.


Note: You will receive a confirmation email from your placement coordinator containing all your placement details including school, host teacher, and clinical supervisor contact information, and your specific DT start and end dates. You are responsible for adhering to the instructions and information you receive. Make sure you fully read this important email and save it for future reference. You may not change or adjust any of your placement arrangements, including changes to the pre-arranged DT dates or the assigned host teacher or clinical supervisor. Your placement coordinator, the Teacher Success team, and the district/school must approve any changes to your confirmed placement arrangements.


Adjustments to your placement, host teacher, or clinical supervisor assignment, once confirmed, are rarely approved and only for egregious situations. By accepting and starting your DT assignment, you are demonstrating a professional commitment that could potentially affect future employment prospects.


Approximately 2-4 weeks before your DT start date, WGU will send you, your host teacher, and principal emails containing the link to the online DT Information Folder (opens new window).