Application Requirements for DT: Provisional Acceptance

You must be at least 18 years of age before you may begin the application process or participate in any field experiences (preclinical experience or demonstration teaching).


You must meet all basic admission requirements and formally apply for demonstration teaching (DT) on or before the published deadline for the desired cohort.


You must have approval for preclinical experiences before you can apply for DT.  See Application Requirements for PCE (opens new window) for additional information.


Once you meet the following requirements, you will receive Provisional Acceptance to the cohort:

If you do not meet all these requirements by the published deadlines, your application will be denied. You should review these requirements with your mentor in the months prior to applying for DT. Once you apply and have met all requirements, the Field Experiences team will notify you of your provisional acceptance to the cohort, and your placement coordinator will contact you to set up the required introduction call.