Application Requirements for PCE

You should submit all parts of the PCE phase of the Field Experience (FE) Application no later than one month prior to when you plan to begin in-school PCE experiences. You must receive approval for the PCE phase of your FE Application prior to entering the classroom. Entering the classroom and working on PCE in-school tasks prior to Field Placement approval will result in the filing of a disposition concern and you risk removal from your licensure program.  


In most cases, you will arrange your own PCE placement. If you are having difficulty securing a PCE placement, contact for assistance. It is important to understand that a district or school is not required to accept you for completion of your PCE work. Review the sections of this handbook specific to: Behaviors that can Result in Termination of Placement and Removal from a Cohort: Administrative Withdrawal for additional information.


You will access the Field Experiences requirements through the Field Experience page on your degree plan. You will complete the following tasks to receive approval before you begin your PCE hours and in-school tasks:



It is recommended that you also ensure you have a WGU ID card that you should carry with you at all times when visiting a school. For instructions for how to order a WGU ID card, see this student handbook article.