BAES/MAES Graduates Returning for a MAT


A student may graduate from WGU with a BAES or MAES and return to complete a Master of Teaching (MAT) degree, as long as they meet the following requirements:


  1. There are no outstanding or previously unresolved disposition concerns;
  2. The change to a non-licensure program did not result from a disposition concern that prevented the completion of required field experiences; and
  3. The change to a non-licensure program did not result from a Self-Withdrawal: Not Approved.

If the change to a BAES or MAES program was a result of Removal from a Cohort: After Intervention,  Removal from a Cohort: Administrative Withdrawal, or a Self-Withdrawal: Approved from demonstration teaching, the graduate must first submit a formal request to repeat demonstration teaching through WGU’s Teacher Success team before achieving admission to the MAT program. This process is explained in the following two articles: Formal Request to Repeat DT After Removal or Administrative Withdrawal (opens new window) and Formal Request to Repeat DT After an Approved Withdrawal (opens new window).


Additionally, BAES graduates who wish to return to complete a MAT licensure program must have a passing Basic Skills Exam score.


If a student has no outstanding reasons why they cannot re-enroll in a licensure program at WGU, meets all requirements for admission into a MAT program, and receives approval to repeat demonstration teaching from Teacher Success, then the BAES graduate may be approved to enroll in a MAT program and engage in demonstration teaching coursework along with all coursework required for program completion.


All students who return to complete a MAT program will be enrolled in the most current program version and will be held to all new program admission requirements.


For additional information, see BAES/MAES Bachelor of Arts or Masters Degree in Education Studies (opens new window).


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