Change During the EDL Practicum

When engaging in your practicum, you are committed to completing with the approved WGU school(s) and clinical supervisor, working through any issues directly just as you would expect administrators to work through issues with their staff. For this reason, WGU does not make changes to your clinical supervisor unless there are egregious circumstances. You have support from Teacher Success, your Program Mentor, and Course Instructor(s) if you need guidance on how to work through any issues or concerns. The only changes considered during your practicum is if you or your clinical supervisor are required to change school sites. If this is the case, you must first request approval of these changes by following the process below.


During the change process, your practicum is on hold and you may not log hours until you receive a decision. This is a time-sensitive change request because you are required to log hours every week in your practicum months. A repercussion of making a change is you may not have the required hours and weeks when you submit your log for evaluation. If you are completing this change request while in your practicum, and the change is already in effect, you are out of compliance. You have 30 days to correct the issue or withdraw from the program.


Step 1: Discuss the need for the change with your program mentor. 


Step 2: Send an email to Teacher Success The email must include the information below.


  • The reason for the change.
  • The school(s) and/or clinical supervisor (CS) you are withdrawing.
  • What change is needed (New CS, new secondary site, new elementary site).
  • Provide the new site or CS information. This should include names, email addresses, phone numbers, and titles.

Step 3: Include the required attachments:


  • If you have logged hours in your practicum, attach a copy of your current log, signed by your supervisor, approving the completed time.
  • If you have completed two or more months, we will reach out to your CS for evaluations. Requests to change your CS after month four cannot be honored.
  • If you are a 12-month practicum and you have completed four or more months, we will reach out to your CS for evaluations. Requests to change your CS after month seven cannot be honored.
  • If your employed school is changing or you are changing your CS, submit a new site agreement (opens new window).


Step 4: Wait for Teacher Success to approve the change process. Once the process for change is approved, Field Placement will work on approval of your new placement(s) and/or CS. Field Placement will reach out to you with questions and your confirmation of approval. For questions during this process please reach out to




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