Clinical Supervisor (CS)

Your clinical supervisor (CS) is an experienced educator who has earned a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred, in education and has at least five years of teaching or administrative experience.

Your CS will serve as your advisor, observer, and assessor throughout your demonstration teaching (DT) experience by providing feedback and support. Please contact your CS and introduce yourself at least two weeks prior to starting in the classroom. If you have a late placement, contact your CS immediately.


You and your CS will set up an initial, face-to-face meeting to get you started. During this meeting your CS will explain what to expect and work with you to develop an approximate schedule for your in-class observations. Your CS will require you to submit a lesson plan to him or her at least three days in advance of each planned observation. Your CS will conduct pre-observation meetings (in person, phone, or email) and post-observation conferences (preferred in person, but may be conducted via phone) with you for each of your 6 observations. Your CS will also arrange a meeting with you and your host teacher (HT) following both the midterm and final evaluations to provide summative feedback and the midpoint and towards the end of your assignment. Your CS is there to support and guide you, and communication is key for making this relationship work.


Your CS is considered part of your placement.  As such, the placement office is only obligated to secure one clinical supervisor.  Your CS cannot be related to you.




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