Clinical Supervisor Responsibilities

Western Governors University Clinical Supervisor Responsibilities


A clinical supervisor is an experienced educator who acts as an advisor, observer, and assessor of a teacher candidate (TC) throughout the demonstration teaching (DT) experience. The role of the clinical supervisor is crucial in the guidance and education of a teacher candidate.


Clinical Supervisors (CS) have the following responsibilities: 


  • Attend CS Orientation each cohort you are supervising WGU students.  Additionally, states may have state-specific training requirements. The Teacher Success team will advise you of any state-specific training requirements.
  • Act as a WGU representative at all times. This includes but is not limited to being a proponent of WGU, acting in a professional manner in all interactions, and keeping in mind that you are a guest in the host teacher’s (HT) classroom.
  • Review the WGU Field Experience Handbook (opens new window) and all information found on the CS Training & Support Site (opens new window).
  • Meet face-to-face with the TC to discuss expectations before DT begins. This “meet and greet” visit should take place in a public place, preferably the assigned school (mileage will be reimbursed).
  • Introduce yourself to the HT and the principal either in person or over the phone prior to the first observation.
  • Maintain communication with the TC, HT, and principal throughout DT.
  • Make six separate visits to observe the TC approximately 7-10 days apart. Each visit must last a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Meet with the HT each time you visit to discuss how things are going, analyze the HT/TC relationship, and facilitate communication between the two.
  • Be proactive in solving problems as soon as they arise. Act as a facilitator between the HT and TC. Notify the Teacher Success team of concerns: or 866-889-0132, option 4.   
  • If TC is struggling, you may be asked to administer an intervention plan by working with the Teacher Success team and following the steps outlined in the CS Performance Concerns and Intervention Plans (opens new window) section of the WGU Field Experience Handbook.
  • Hold pre and post observation meetings with TC. You must hold post meetings within 48 hours of the observation.
  • Submit observation and evaluation forms within three days of the observation or evaluation.
  • Respond to communication from WGU staff or HT within 24-48 hours.
  • Complete the CS feedback survey you will receive towards the end of the cohort.
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