Cohort Seminar Introduction, Attendance, and Completion

You will be assigned to a cohort seminar approximately one to two weeks prior to the start of demonstration teaching led by an experienced cohort facilitator. The seminar consists of required weekly group phone and web conference meetings with your peers and journal reflections. The seminar provides you with a forum in which you can discuss issues, problem-solve specific classroom situations, and celebrate your successes. You will share research and ideas concerning current issues in education and respond to each other’s classroom experiences and reflections. In addition, you will have an opportunity to explore topics such as positive impact on student learning, ethical responsibilities and teaching dispositions, collaboration, community resources, academic language, differentiated instruction, student engagement, professional growth, and reflection.


Aligned with the demonstration teaching cohort, WGU offers cohort seminar twice per year – starting in August (Fall Cohort) or in January (Spring Cohort).


Cohort seminar is 12 weeks long. The timing of cohort seminar may not coincide exactly with your demonstrating teaching start and end dates.


Note: WGU students from the same family may not participate in the same cohort seminar assignment.


Cohort Seminar Attendance Policy

During cohort seminar, the expectation is for you to comply with the following attendance policy:

  • Attend every scheduled weekly cohort call with your assigned cohort seminar group.
  • You may miss one cohort seminar call that you do not need to make up.
  • If you must miss a second cohort seminar call, you may talk to your cohort facilitator about attending a different cohort seminar call as a make-up call within the same week. If a different cohort seminar call is not an option for that week, you must schedule with your cohort facilitator a one-on-one make-up call.
  • You must make up any additional absences with your cohort facilitator.  
  • If you do not make up missed calls with your cohort facilitator, the Teacher Success Team will meet with you to determine whether you will fail the cohort seminar and must repeat the seminar in a future cohort.
  • Leaving a call early, coming to a call late, or not participating fully in the call may count as an absence. Your cohort facilitator may provide one warning prior to counting a call as an absence.


Cohort Seminar Completion Policy

Successful participation in the weekly calls and completion of all assigned journals must be verified to pass cohort seminar. You must submit any missing or late cohort seminar tasks no later than 10 days prior to the end of the cohort seminar. Failure to complete the journal requirements within 10 days of the end of the cohort may result in failing the cohort seminar and require you to repeat the seminar during the next cohort.