Cohort Seminar Introduction

Approximately one to two weeks prior to the start of DT, you will be assigned to a cohort seminar. An experienced cohort facilitator will lead the seminar. The seminar consists of required weekly group phone and web conference meetings with your peers, and journal reflections. The seminar provides you with a forum in which you can discuss issues, problem-solve specific classroom situations, and celebrate your successes. You will share research and ideas concerning current issues in education and respond to each other’s classroom experiences and reflections. In addition, you will have an opportunity to explore topics such as positive impact on student learning, ethical responsibilities and teaching dispositions, collaboration, community resources, academic language, differentiated instruction, student engagement, professional growth, and reflection. Finally, you will receive personalized support to complete your TPA and Professional Portfolio.


The cohort seminar is offered only twice per year - in August (Fall Cohort) or January (Spring Cohort). For students completing the TWS performance assessment, cohort seminar lasts for either 12 weeks (regular education) or 16 weeks (special education.)


For students completing the edTPA, the cohort seminar lasts for 9 to 16 weeks, depending upon the timing of completion of the edTPA. Regular edTPA students who receive a successful edTPA review in Taskstream by week 9 of the cohort are excused from participating in additional cohort calls. These students are still responsible for completing the weekly cohort readings and assignments and will meet individually with their cohort facilitator through week 12 of the cohort. Students who have not received a successful review of their edTPA in Taskstream by week 12 of the cohort are required to attend three additional weeks of the cohort (weeks 13-15) or until such time as they receive a successful review of their edTPA in Taskstream. All special education edTPA students attend 16 weeks of cohort seminar.


The timing of the cohort seminar may not coincide exactly with your classroom start and end dates.


Note: WGU students from the same family may not participate in the same cohort seminar assignment.





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