Combining Multiple PDF Files into a Single PDF File

The Field Experiences (FE) Background Clearance Page system does not allow multiple document uploads. If you have multiple PDFs to upload, you will need to combine all documents into a single PDF file. As shown below, there is a single upload field:


BACKGROUND PIC 1.pngImage showing the Choose File button on the Field Experiences (FE) Background Clearance Page


If you prefer to upload your files one at a time, you will select the PDF, upload it individually, revisit the page and repeat the process.


Some students may find it more efficient to combine all necessary documents into a single document for a single upload. You may use the free website “Combine PDF” at This website combines PDF files and provides the finished document as a downloadable file that you can save and upload to the FE Background Clearance Page. Pictured below is the website.


BACKGROUND PIC 2.pngScreenshot showing a non-WGU website that allows users to combine PDF documents.


Follow these steps to combine different PDF files into a single file:

  1. Ensure that your files are PDF files, not JPG or PNG. If they are not a PDF file, you will be able to convert them either using an online tool, or saving it as a different file in a word processing program
  2. Click "Upload Files" that is colored teal, and select all of the files that you wish to combine
  3. You are able to drag and drop the files to rearrange them, if you prefer
  4. Hit "Combine" with the checkmark beside it at the bottom - this will download the file automatically, which you can then click on to open, then save

***do not hit the advertisement that is above the "Upload Files" button***


If you are having difficulty with this website, or need further assistance, please contact Field Placement for assistance at



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