DT Cohort Application Limits

Withdrawing after being provisionally accepted into a cohort prior to the start of demonstration teaching (DT) has serious consequences. If you withdraw after a district and school have accepted you for a placement, it has the potential of interfering with a successful placement for you at the same district and school in a second cohort. It also damages WGU’s ability to place teacher candidates in that area in the future. For these reasons you are allowed only two cohort applications. WGU strongly encourages you to only apply for a DT cohort when you are confident you can meet the deadlines and requirements to successfully complete DT.


If you withdraw from two cohorts, you are not eligible to participate in a third cohort. However, if there are extenuating circumstances and you wish to appeal, you may submit an appeal through your mentor. Your mentor will ask you to provide the following information for your appeal:


  • A description of the extenuating circumstances that led to the previous withdrawals.
  • An explanation of how the circumstances were resolved and the steps you have taken to assure that you will be successful if given another opportunity.

Please partner with your program mentor and reference this appeal process if you wish to apply for a third DT cohort.