DT as a Contracted Teacher (Teacher of Record)

If you are already contracted as a teacher with the district and school, you may complete your demonstration teaching (DT) in your own classroom if you meet the following conditions: 


  • You are enrolled in a WGU licensure/certification program and that program aligns with your grade level and the state license you are seeking (contact your placement coordinator for specific details).
  • Your classroom contains a minimum of 7-10 students.
  • You are contracted to teach in an accredited public or private school and in a traditional, on-ground setting.
  • You spend the majority of your day teaching the content area(s) for your license.
  • Your district and school support your placement.
  • You follow the regular application process and meet all deadlines and requirements.
  • You participate in DT during a regularly scheduled fall or spring cohort.
  • You participate in your assigned cohort seminar and complete all other requirements.
  • You participate in standard observations and evaluations with your WGU clinical supervisor (CS).

Contracted Teachers of Record in the Early Childhood and Special Education programs will still need to complete a split placement for DT. Teachers of record will not have a host teacher (HT) because the teacher of record is essentially acting as his or her own host teacher. You will be observed a minimum of six separate occasions by a WGU clinical supervisor. Some districts or schools will arrange for another teacher to mentor new and provisional teachers in the same building. WGU is not involved in arranging mentor teachers at the school, but we highly encourage you to check with your principal regarding a possible on-site mentor if applicable.


Note: WGU does not support a Teacher of Record or Internship option for California students in any initial teacher preparation program. 



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