Demonstration Teaching Fees

Students participating in demonstration teaching (DT) are assessed two separate fees once they are provisionally accepted to a DT Cohort. 

Application Fee: As part of the application process for DT, students must pay a $100 Application Fee. This Application Fee is non-refundable and charged once the student is provisionally accepted to a DT Cohort. If a student withdraws from a cohort after provisional acceptance, or if a student applies, but does not meet academic requirements, this fee is non-refundable. If students apply in the future for a new cohort, they are assessed a new $100 Application Fee for each new application. This Application Fee cannot be paid using financial aid and must be paid out of pocket.

DT Fee: In addition to the non-refundable Application Fee, students are assessed a non-refundable $900 DT Fee to cover costs for the host teacher, clinical supervisor and the administrative expenses related to the placement set-up and administration. The DT Fee is in addition to the term's tuition and any resource fees.

  • The $900 DT Fee is assessed the first time a student is provisionally accepted in a cohort and it is due at the start of the student’s next term, or during the current term if the student is already enrolled in their final term.
  • Once assessed, the DT Fee is non-refundable even if the student changes to a non-licensure program or withdraws from the university.
  • The due date for the DT Fee is visible in the student's portal.
  • If a student withdraws from the cohort prior to starting DT, the DT Fee due date remains unchanged and the funds are applied to a future cohort.
  • If a student withdraws or fails DT after starting their placement, the $900 DT Fee is non-refundable irrespective of when the failure or withdrawal from DT occurred after the placement started. A new $900 DT Fee is assessed if a student applies and is provisionally accepted to a future cohort.
  • The $900 DT Fee can be paid using financial aid.

These fees may be subject to change. Students receive an email notification when fees are applied to their account. Students are responsible for reviewing their account and paying the fees, or making satisfactory payment arrangements, by the due date. Check the WGU website for tuition and fee amounts or contact the Student Accounts Office or Financial Aid for more information.

Depending on state or program requirements, students may complete different Teacher Performance Assessments (TPAs) that require outside scoring fees.  These fees are in addition to any other fees related to demonstration teaching and are the student's responsibility to pay directly to the provider. In states where the edTPA is fully implemented and scored by Pearson Education, there is a $300 scoring fee. Students in affected states are advised prior to the start of DT if they are in a fully implemented state. For students in Missouri, there is a separate $275 fee for the MoPTA.