EDL Application Process & Clinical Supervisor Qualifications

Educational Leadership (EDL) Application Process & Clinical Supervisor Qualifications


All Educational Leadership applicants must complete the following three steps in order to register and begin the practicum coursework and accumulation of ground-based site hours at both locations. 


Past students who have successfully completed the application process have shared that it is good to begin the application process about 3-4 months before you will actually register for the practicum course for the next six-month full term.


Step 1: You must receive written approval confirmation by email from the WGU Field Placement office that all of the documents required of you and your clinical supervisor (CS) have been received, reviewed, and that you and your CS are cleared and eligible.


Step 2: You must have completed all of your pre-requisite program courses in order to be eligible to register for your practicum course (LRT1 or C774 depending on program and other requirements).


Step 3: Register for LRT1 or C774 in the next immediate term where you may work over the entire term period to meet the requirements


Your mentor can guide you to complete the required Student Application on your Field Experience page within your student portal. If you have any questions related to the Student Application and Practicum Approval Process, contact your mentor or fieldplacement@wgu.edu.


In order to receive official clearance from the WGU Field Placement office that you and your CS have completed Step 1 and move you both closer to completing Step 2 and the start of the ground-based practicum field experiences, you must:


  • Provide proof of current background check
  • Provide proof of employment at the site(s) where the practicum will occur or provide proof of outside liability insurance
  • Complete an electronic FERPA form
  • Provide one CS who meets all the following qualifications:
    • A minimum of five years of experience in P-12 schools with three or more years of experience as a state licensed/endorsed principal in an accredited K-12 school building.

    • For students in AR, CA, OR, OH, TX, WA, WI & WY, the CS must not be anyone employed by the school building in which you work
    • Master’s degree in the field of education preferred, a Bachelor’s degree in education required
    • Submission/validation of current or past state license/endorsement for a school building principal
    • Application and Statement of Work on file with WGU
    • Access to a computer with email and Internet connection for corresponding with students and WGU staff and completing online observation and evaluation forms
    • Commitment to demonstrating and modeling the same dispositions and ethical considerations expected of WGU teacher candidates



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