ELL Pre-Practicum Conference, Observations & Post-Practicum Evaluation

Your practicum requires one pre-practicum conference, two observations and one post-practicum evaluation at the end of the practicum. Each observation must last a minimum of 45 minutes, typically no more than a maximum of two hours. This program is aligned to the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Standards (opens new window).


  • Pre-Practicum Conference: In person, by phone or email to set expectations at the start of the practicum.
  • Observation #1 occurs after the first 15 hours of the practicum.
  • Observation #2 occurs after the second 15 hours of the practicum.*
  • Post-Practicum Evaluation occurs at the end of the practicum.

*Note: The 30-hour practicum is a WGU program requirement. Your state may have additional requirements regarding the number of required hours or type of placement. The Teacher Licensure Home Page (opens new window) in the student handbook contains detailed information about the licenses your state offers that align with WGU programs and how to apply. You will work with the WGU Licensure office (licensure@wgu.edu) regarding all certification and endorsement questions.

After your clinical supervisor (CS) submits your observation forms, you will receive a copy. If you do not, please contact your CS first to ensure the form was submitted. If you have further questions related to your observations, you may contact teachersuccess@wgu.edu


To learn more about the competencies you are expected to demonstrate, click on the links below:

ELL Pre-Practicum Conference (opens new window)

ELL Observation form (opens new window)

ELL Post-Practicum Evaluation (opens new window)

ELL Classroom Documentation form (opens new window)

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