Educational Leadership (EDL) Introduction

The MSEDL and ENDEDL programs are competency-based degree programs that include some traditional activities found in many school districts and states nationwide, preparing you at the graduate level to become licensed school principals. The program’s philosophy is based on that of the supervising administrator as the school’s instructional team leader. Work in this degree program takes place in a case study format and utilizes a case study school site or district. All MSEDL students complete a capstone project in which they design and implement data-driven school improvement initiatives based on the results of their case studies and practicum experience.


You are required to complete your practicum hours through a series of performance tasks that take place under the leadership of a practicing K-12 school principal or clinical supervisor (CS) with a current administrator’s license, in a K-12 setting. You will complete assigned administrative duties in both elementary (1-5 grade multi-subject elementary classroom or 6th grade non-departmentalized multi-subject elementary classroom) and secondary (7-12) settings under the leadership and supervision of the clinical supervisor (who may or may not be the building administrator, depending on state requirements).


Missouri only: Your state requires a declaration of school level. You will declare elementary or secondary, and be placed with a principal in your selected level.


WGU is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. WGU will only approve potential practicum sites that are expected to fully comply with all relevant ordinances and laws related to safety and health and will not knowingly place a candidate at a site that is out of compliance with such ordinances or laws. If there are questions related to your approved site, contact


The number of hours your program requires varies by state of intended licensure and WGU program requirements. Refer to the Teacher Licensure Home Page in the Student Handbook, which contains detailed information about the hours required for your program. Your mentor, when appropriate, may provide you with examples of practicum activities that align with the program requirements and ELCC Standards, making a conversation between you and your CS more specific in how better to engage with your case study site. Practicum activities, coursework, and hours must occur every week and be evenly distributed over the entire six or 12-month term. This program is for experienced, licensed classroom teachers who are interested in becoming school principals.