Educational Leadership (EDL) Practicum Completion

You complete your practicum by uploading your practicum log to Taskstream. The Teacher & Principal Success team will pass your log after receiving two passed observations, one midterm, and one final evaluation. Your clinical supervisor (CS) submits your two observations, a midterm, and final evaluation directly to WGU. You receive automated copies of your completed observations and the final evaluation via your WGU email address. If you do not receive copies, contact your CS to ensure the forms were submitted. Please contact the Teacher & Principal Success team at for additional questions or concerns.


The practicum in educational leadership includes nine tasks you complete during your practicum. Practicum activities, coursework, and hours must occur every week and be evenly distributed over a minimum of six or 12 consecutive months.


Students are enrolled in a six-month or 12-month practicum based on licensing through the assigned state. The 12-month (2 full registered terms) and the six-month (1 full registered term) practicums are required to take place during an entire academic school year. This may include limited summer opportunities, and/or requirements related to how the practicum hours and activities are completed and recorded. The practicum course must be the final term of enrollment. Read more about these requirements in the practicum log for your state:


Six-Month K-12 Educational Leadership Practicum Log

12-Month K-12 Educational Leadership & Activity Log

Elementary Single Placement: Educational Leadership & Activity Log

Secondary Single Placement: Educational Leadership & Activity Log


Massachusetts only: The Performance Assessment for Leaders (PAL) must be passed before submitting your Six-Month K-12 Educational Leadership Practicum Log. MA students are required to submit their official passing score report with their practicum log in Taskstream. This means students should plan to pass this assessment before the end of their last term. Refer to the Teacher Licensure Home Page in the Student Handbook, MA Educational Leadership Certification Requirements for additional information.


Missouri only: The Performance Assessment for Aspiring Building Administrators must be passed in Taskstream before submitting your Elementary Single Placement: Educational Leadership & Activity Log or Secondary Single Placement: Educational Leadership & Activity Log for a review/pass. Refer to the Teacher Licensure Home Page in the Student Handbook, MO Educational Leadership Certification Requirements for additional information.