Employment During DT

Demonstration Teaching (DT) is a full-time commitment, you may not participate in DT part-time. The expectation during DT is for teacher candidate to be at the host school during all teacher contract hours, including evening hours for school events and parent teacher conferences as required by the school. Additionally, you must be prepared to participate in a weekly conference call during the cohort seminar. You may even need to spend time in the evenings and on the weekends completing student teaching-related planning, cohort assignments, etc. Because of this time commitment, you are strongly encouraged to take a leave of absence or leave your position so that you can fully participate and successfully complete all the expectations and requirements of DT.


Substitute Teaching

Policies for substituting (on an emergency basis, short term, and long term) during DT vary from state to state. It is imperative that you speak with your placement coordinator before you take a substitute position to determine if this is allowed in your state.  In addition, you must be a licensed substitute and have district and principal approval. Without a substitute license, you cannot serve as a substitute teacher during the absence of the host teacher or another member of the faculty. This is WGU policy and a legal requirement in many states. This policy protects the cooperating school and its personnel as well as protects you from being in a role of questionable responsibility.


Teacher of Record (TOR)

If you are interested in being a paid classroom instructor (Teacher of Record) during DT or practicum placement, please contact your field placement coordinator at fieldplacement@wgu.edu to see if this is an option in your state. Not all states allow for a paid classroom instructor position (Teacher of Record) during DT or practicum placement, therefore it is essential you contact your field placement coordinator prior to signing a contract or accepting funds (e.g. stipends, payment, etc.) as it may potentially impact your ability to be licensed in that state. 


Serving as a paraprofessional during demonstration teaching is not permitted except for students in Missouri who are approved for Missouri Alternative Clinical Practice (opens new window).




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