Employment During DT

DT is a full-time commitment. You may not participate in DT part-time. You must be at the host school during all teacher contract hours, including evening hours for school events and parent teacher conferences as required by the school. You must also participate in a weekly conference call during the cohort seminar. You may even need to spend time in the evenings and on the weekends completing student teaching-related planning, cohort assignments, etc. Because of this time commitment, you are strongly encouraged to take a leave of absence or leave your position so that you can fully participate and successfully complete all DT requirements and expectations.


You may not work as a paraprofessional during DT. If you are interested in serving as a Teacher of Record (TOR) (a paid, contracted educator), please communicate with your placement coordinator. Please note, some states do not allow Teachers of Record and state policies are subject to change.




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