Failure to Meet Requirements for Provisional and/or Full Acceptance

When you apply for and receive provisional acceptance to a cohort, you make a commitment to meet all requirements and to be prepared to begin demonstration teaching once you are fully accepted and the cohort begins. If you do not meet academic prerequisite requirements for the progress check or final requirements by the published deadlines, your placement coordinator will notify you of any deficiencies via email and you will be administratively withdrawn from consideration for demonstration teaching. If a placement is  arranged, the district and school will be notified, and your placement cancelled.


Cohort Application Limits

Teacher candidates are able to apply to two demonstration teaching cohorts. WGU strongly encourages you to only apply for a  cohort when you are confident you can meet the deadlines and requirements to successfully complete this rigorous educational experience. Withdrawing after receiving provisional acceptance into a cohort has serious consequences. If you withdraw after a district and school has accepted your placement, it has the potential of interfering with a successful placement for you at the same district and school in a second cohort. It can also damage WGU’s ability to place teacher candidates in that area in the future. For these reasons you are allowed only two cohort applications.


If you withdraw from two cohorts, you are not eligible to apply for a third cohort. In situations where extenuating circumstances led to your cohort withdrawal, you may work with your program mentor to submit an appeal. You must address the following information in your appeal and send to your mentor:


  • A description of the extenuating circumstances that led to the previous withdrawals.
  • An explanation of how you addressed the circumstances that led to your previous withdrawals and would address these circumstances if they arise again.
  • The steps you have taken to assure that you will be successful if given another opportunity.


Your mentor will submit a cohort limits appeal on your behalf with this provided information. Teacher Success will review the appeal and make a recommendation to the Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee will inform your mentor of the decision and your mentor will follow up with you regarding the outcome of that appeal.