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Field Experience Handbook - Initial Licensure Programs


This Field Experience Handbook addresses both WGU teacher candidates pursuing initial licensure as well as the clinical supervisors and host teachers who are so vital to candidate’s success during all field experiences - preclinical experiences and demonstration teaching (WGU’s terms for clinical practice or student teaching).


The purpose of this handbook is to provide information to the initial licensure candidate, clinical supervisor, and host teacher regarding WGU's field experience processes, procedures, policies, requirements, roles, and responsibilities.


Information about state requirements and exams can be found on the Teacher Licensure Home Page.


Section I: Guiding Documents

Overview of Field Experiences at WGU

Program Gateways: Formalized Review Points of Student Progress

Teachers College Vision, Mission, Philosophy, and Tenets

Culturally Competent Practitioner Standard

Field Experience Support System and Contact Information



Section II: Professionalism

Professional Behavior Expectations

Teachers College Code of Ethics, Professional Behaviors and Dispositions

Mentor Evaluation of Professional Behaviors and Dispositions

Behaviors That Can Result in Termination of Placement



Section III: Teacher Candidate

Preparing for Field Experiences

Preclinical Experiences (PCE)

PCE Introduction

Getting Started: Intro to Field Experiences and PCE Packet

PCE Placement Guidelines and Requirements


Demonstration Teaching (DT)

DT Introduction 

Pacing Guides: Preparing for Demonstration Teaching 

Sample Teacher Job Description 

DT Cohort Start Date and Term Alignment

Demonstration Teaching Scholarship

DT Placement Guidelines and Requirements


Pre-Application Information

State Certification Exam Requirements, General Policies

WGU Basic Skills Requirement and Cut Scores

Background Clearance Information

Professional Liability Insurance for Educators

FERPA Form for Teachers College Field Experiences

Philosophy of Teaching Statement or Writing Sample for Placement

Professional Resume and WGU Career Services Department


Applying to Field Experiences

Preclinical Experiences (PCE)

Application Requirements for PCE

PCE Observation Guide, Log, and Evaluation


Demonstration Teaching (DT)

Application Requirements for DT: Provisional Acceptance

Application Requirements for DT: Full Acceptance

Failure to Meet Requirements for Provisional and/or Full Acceptance

Late Entry Appeal for DT Cohort Admission After the Application Window Closes

Manual Application to DT for Withdrawn and Dropped Students


During Field Experiences

Teacher Candidate Responsibilities: School Policies and DT

Pacing Guides: During Demonstration Teaching

Absentee or Work Stoppage Policy

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Field Experiences

Cohort Seminar Introduction, Attendance, and Completion

DT Observations, Midterm, and Final Evaluation

Employment During DT

Lesson Plans

Licensure and Certification

Licensing Options for Overseas Students

Posting of Grades

TPA Introduction and Fees

TPA Completion Deadline, Revision Policy, and Resources


Removal or Withdrawal from Demonstration Teaching

Removal or Withdrawal from a DT Cohort

Formal Request to Repeat DT After Removal or Administrative Withdrawal

Formal Request to Repeat DT After an Approved Withdrawal

BAES/MAES Graduates Returning for a MAT


Section IV: Clinical Educators – Clinical Supervisor and Host Teacher

Qualifications, Responsibilities, Training and Support

Clinical Supervisor Qualifications

Clinical Supervisor Responsibilities

Clinical Supervisor Required Orientation

Host Teacher Qualifications

Host Teacher Responsibilities

Host Teacher Training & Support Site and Professional Development Hours



Guidelines for Working with the Teacher Candidate

Pacing Guides: During Demonstration Teaching

Pre-Observation and Scheduled Observations

Midterm and Final Evaluations

Performance Concerns and Intervention Plans

Working with Lesson Plans

Help Information